In 2010, SASI a not-for-profit 501 (C3) rehabilitative services agency purchased The Buffalo Box Kite Company from its founder and incorporated it into SASI’s employment program for people with disabilities. 

The Buffalo Box Kite Company began in the 1980’s as the dream of a kite-flying enthusiast to share his designs and kite building skills with the world. The business surged in the mid 1980’s through the 1990’s gaining distribution at major kite and hobby shops throughout the U.S. Its success was marked by inclusion in many kite-flying events, and helping set the first World Record for number of box kites flown together on a single line. 

SASI (Suburban Adult Services Inc.) decided that the operations involved in making Buffalo Box Kite’s ZINGER were well suited to help advance job skills of people with disabilities in their rehabilitative employment programs. SASI has served people with disabilities needs for employment, healthcare, residence, and more since 1975. 

Buffalo Box Kite Company